You can trust Londono's Auto with safety concerning your family when it comes time for brake service and repair. You need to make sure your vehicle's braking system is working properly and including brake inspections as part of your vehicle's regular check up is a necessity. Brakes should be inspected during tire rotations at every 6 months or 6,000 miles. The service on your brakes includes an examination, an explanation of what is needed, and an estimate before any work is performed on your vehicle.

Brake Inspection Includes:

• ABS (anti-lock braking system)
• Brake Drums and/or Rotors
• Brake Fluid
• Brake Lines and Hoses
• Brake Pads and/ or Shoes
• Calipers
• Emergency Brake
• Master Cylinder
• Power Booster
• Wheel Bearings
• Wheel Cylinder

Cooling System
It is important to prevent your vehicle from overheating. There are many metal components under the hood that radiate high heat temperatures during a ride. The number one reason for automotive breakdowns is cooling system failure, which is why you should have regular inspections and maintenance of the cooling system.

The cooling system consists of many different components that all must work correctly for the system to cool the engine properly. If just one of the components fail, it can ruin the whole system, causing an overheating condition. Of course, you need to have your vehicle inspected as soon as these signs of overheating occur.

Cooling System Components:

• Anti-freeze
• Cooling Sensor
• Fan Belts
• Heater Core
• Heater Hoses
• Radiator, Cap, Hoses
• Radiator Fan/Clutch
• Serpentine Belt
• Thermostat and gasket
• Water pump/timing belt or chain

Note: It is extremely advised against driving with the temperature gauge on hot. It can cause severe engine damage. A cooling system service/flush is recommended for the prevention of overheating and mechanical breakdown. Wynn?s products protects against coolant contamination, removes rust and deposits, and protects against cooling system leaks. It?s a difference you can see and feel.

We perform exhaust repairs and replacements for both foreign and domestic vehicles. Vital to its performance is your car's exhaust. While mainly designed to lower the intensity of noise, it is also responsible for reducing harmful emissions. There are emission standards that were designed to protect the environment. A properly functioning muffler and exhaust system will make your car sound better and will help the environment. Your vehicle's exhaust system should be at 100% with no leakage between pipes.

Exhaust inspection includes:

• Exhaust Leakage/Fumes
• Exhaust Rust

The Illinois E.P.A. Department of Emissions tests your vehicle to determine whether or not your motor vehicle's emissions control system is working properly. Vehicles that fail this test are not properly maintained to meet the increasingly high pollution standards. Repairs are required then to bring down the emissions which cause pollution. Receiving these repairs will help clean the air while improving the vehicles performance and fuel economy.

Exhaust and Emissions components:

• Exhaust/Emissions Pipes
• Exhaust Manifold
• E.G.R. Valve
• Catalytic Converters
• Mufflers
• Oxygen Sensors
• Tail Pipes

Start/Charge System
Working together, your vehicle's battery, starter, and alternator supply your car with electrical power. If your vehicle has difficulty starting up, or if you get that dreaded "clicking" and it does not start at all, you will need servicing to the starting and charging system. The diagnosis process begins with a complete electrical system test, which includes functions of the alternator, starter, and battery.

Electrical Components:

• Alternator
• Battery
• Battery Cables
• Battery Terminals
• Fan Belts
• Starter Motor
• Starter Solenoid
• Voltage Regulator

Uneven tire wear can be caused by worn steering or suspension components. Other symptoms also include noise, vibration, and alignment problems. Many people do not realize that simply maintaining the correct tire pressure can improve fuel economy as well as save money in the long run. That is why it is important to have your steering and suspension checked with every oil change.

Note: For safety and the life of your vehicle, make sure power steering service is part of your normal maintenance schedule. A lack of power steering fluid can cause poor handling, sluggish steering and "steering squeal". Wynn's products can help prevent premature, unexpected and expensive steering system failures.

Steering and Suspension Components:

• Ball Joints
• Bushings
• Center Links
• Coils
• CV Joints/Boots
• CV Axles
• Idler Arms/Pitman arms
• Leafs
• Power Steering Pump
• Power Steering Hoses
• Rack and Pinion
• Springs
• Shocks/Struts
• Tie Rod Ends/Sleeves
• Tires
• Torsion Bars

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