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Phillip Keenan

Graphics by
Phillip Keenan

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Phillip Keenan

XHTML/CSS Coding by
Phillip Keenan

Photography Credits
Most of the photography used for the pages on this website has been shot by Phillip Keenan. Some photos have also been shot by Crystal Akins.

Textual Design Credits
Most of the text designed for this website was composed by Crystal Akins, including the Car F.A.Q., Car Tips, and most of the descriptions/explanations for most pages. All other textual design was done by Phillip Keenan.

Digital Work Credits
All photo corrections (brightness, color, sharpness, etc.) and artwork by Phillip Keenan.
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"It feels good that I can trust Mr. Londono and his team. Not only do they do a great job on my car, but I feel I'm never misled or taken advantage of. Honesty and service at it's best."

-Margaret Ravens,
Round Lake Park

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